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Back in Changsha

Just a quick note to say that we are back in Changsha, China.  It rained all the way to Zhangjiajie during a harrowing six hour private bus ride.  But, the next morning, contrary to the weather forecast, we had a clear day in the Zhangjiajie National Forest.  The sites are indescribably amazing.  You can get an idea of what we saw from: Today we rode a boat through a beautiful lake and were serenaded by traditional love songs from traditionally dressed young men and women, and then drove back to Changsha.  A few of our team members have slight fevers and sore throats, but no one is seriously ill.  Off to dinner, and then we can collapse in bed. Best, Dr. E. and the China team

2012 Itinerary

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat 22 MayDeparture US/ Travel 23 MayArrival HK Settle in Dinner Breakfast food 24 Mayorientation OMS/HKEC ministries -family centre -seminary Secondary school + NT tour/ bridge 25 Maybriefing and service project Christian Action Humanitarian Services- Asylum seeker/refugees 26 MayService project and briefing at Christian ZhengSheng Association: Allman Chan -teen drug rehab 27 May-Check out hotel am church Statue Square -China orientation & travel 28 MayChina 29 MayChina 30 MayChina 31 MayChina 1 JuneReturn from China Free evening? 2 JuneService project and briefing at Crossroads 3 June-Lead worship and message at River Grace ICF Interviews? - domestic helpers mainland scholar 4 Juneoptions Jade Market Aberdeen Stanley beach/ market Peak 5 JuneDeparture am debrief?

Our Temporary "Home" at High Rock Christian Centre

After nearly 15 hours of flying from Toronto to Hong Kong, we have arrived!! Cindy Aufrance, a Malone grad and one of our hosts in Hong Kong, met us at the airport and brought us to High Rock, where we will be staying while in Hong Kong.  She shared some of the great work that she and her husband are doing here in Hong Kong.  Howard Robinson of MMM-HK met up with us at High Rock.  We are tired, but happy

chang sha update

An update from Dr. Entwistle: We are safe and doing well in Chang Sha. We split into two groups today to work at ICC and Butterfly House. Will reverse tomorrow, then leave for National forest and return two days later. Dr. E and the China team

Subways, trams, ferries, and drug rehab

Today was another l-0-n-g day; hot, humid, and eye opening.  We started out at 7:15 by taking four subways to two ferries to a remote island where there is an adolescent drug and alcohol rehab program.  We were accompanied by Jonathan, an HK native who moved to Australia; he was a delightful and comedic companion.  The conditions at the center were primitive, but the program boasts the lowest recidivism rate in HK.  We toured the facilities and interacted with a few of the students, most of whom spend two or more years there.  They sang for us in English and Chinese (the later at our request), and we entertained questions from each other about rehab, cultural differences, and a variety of other topics.  (Among other things, we learned that Chinese people think that Americans have a rather distinctive odor.)  After we said our farewells, we took a ferry back to an island that has a shopping district, fresh seafood (still swimming fresh off the boats), and food vendors.  From there we to

A "Short" Walk in Hong Kong

Today started out with a few rain drops, but quickly turned for the better with sunshine and an extreme dose of humidity. Well, honestly we could have done without the humidity, but the rest of the day was well worth the heat. We traveled across Hong Kong to visit an organization called Christian Action, and what an experience  it was for everyone. Christian Action works with refugees, asylum seekers, and torture victims who have fled to Hong Kong to assist them in the process of applying for resettlement along with daily necessities in the meantime. In this case meantime can, in many cases, be six or seven years. We also were able to visit different sites and resources available to refugees based out of the Chungking Mansions, which was eye opening to say the least. During our short time in Hong Kong we have come to learn that Hong Kongers can walk quite a ways, and also travel at very fast paces. If someone from Hong Kong says that the walk will be "short", it is best to as

A Day in the City

Today we had quite the adventure!  We started out by visiting United Christian College and OMS.  It was interesting to hear about the history and the future of these two great places.  We made two new friends named Kato and Tony, both Chinese professors at the school who gave us a lesson in Chinese. They showed us a few common characters and then wrote out all of our names in Chinese characters.  We got to see the College's library and explore a little bit.  After our visit we headed to eat lunch at an awesome restaurant!  We ate family style and the food was amazing!!  We ordered a dish of eggs and tomatoes in honor of Celia King :) along with some other great dishes.  Cindy then took us to visit some community centers that are affiliated with Hong Kong Evangelical Church.  It was incredible to see how efficient they are!  They have two community centers and one big kitchen all within a 15 minute walk.  As a social work major, I was especially impressed with the fact that in one y

Time for bed...

It is now almost 8:15 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23rd - while it is still 8:15 a.m. on the 23rd at home!  We went shopping for the basics and then went out to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, with dishes as diverse as beef tongue, curried chicken, and spring rolls with vermicelli rice noodles and hot sauce.  Most of us have only managed a few short naps since we left Canton at 3:00 yesterday morning EDT (that was about 30 hours ago), so we are all more than ready to crash.  We are staying at High Rock Christian Center, and it's name is aptly reflective of the literal hike up the mountain to get here.  The weather is warm and humid but quite manageable.  We ended the day savoring chocolate and taking turns talking about little things that we are grateful for - being willing to ask for help, helping those who needed help with luggage, beginning to gel as a group, etc.  And of course, we are also thankful for all of you who are following along.  Good night!  Dr. E. and the rest of the t

Our Home Away From Home

After nearly 15 hours of flying from Toronto to Hong Kong, we have arrived!! Cindy Aufrance, a Malone grad and one of our hosts in Hong Kong, met us at the airport and brought us to High Rock, where we will be staying while in Hong Kong.  Cindy shared some of the great work that she and her husband are doing here in Hong Kong.  Howard Robinson of MMM-HK met up with us at High Rock.  We are tired, but happy to be here.  We are now headed out to get some dinner and see the lay of the land.  Thanks for your prayers!  Dr. W.


A but cramped on the DASH-8-100 Turboprop from Cleveland to Toronto, but the flight was fine and some of us even slept a bit.  We made it through the surly Canadian customs officials, had a long hike to our gate, and are anticipating an on time departure for Hong Kong.

A little bit of sleep

10:15 p.m.  Most of us are finishing our packing or catching a few hours of sleep before we meet at the Barn at 3:00 a.m. for our trip to Cleveland Hopkins.  Then it's on to Toronto, and then the looooooong flight to Hong Kong.  Blessings to you all, and keep us in your prayers 8-)

2012 Tentative Itinerary

Here is our tentative itinerary: 22 May   Departure US/ Travel 23 May   Arrival HK Settle in; Dinner; Shop for breakfast food 24 May   Orientation, OMS/HKEC ministries -family centre; seminary, secondary school + NT tour/bridge 25 May   Briefing and service project, Christian Action Humanitarian Services- Asylum seeker/refugees 26 May   Service project and briefing at Christian Zheng Sheng Association: Allman Chan -teen drug rehab 27 May   - Check out hotel.  Church. Statue Square - China orientation & travel 28 May   China 29 May   China 30 May   China 31 May   China 1 June     Return from China.  Free evening? 2 June     Service project and briefing at Crossroads 3 June    - Lead worship and message at River Grace ICF.  Interviews? - domestic  helpers mainland scholar 4 June     options: Jade Market, Aberdeen, Stanley beach/market, Peak 5 June     Departure and debriefing