A but cramped on the DASH-8-100 Turboprop from Cleveland to Toronto, but the flight was fine and some of us even slept a bit.  We made it through the surly Canadian customs officials, had a long hike to our gate, and are anticipating an on time departure for Hong Kong.


  1. Will be praying for your flight and the friendships that will be made, and that all will be rested & ready for the day ahead when you land in HK.

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  13. Sounds like you've conquered the first leg of your journey, even with the cramped plane and long walk! It's impressive how you can find peace and sleep even in challenging situations.

    We understand dealing with customs can be tedious, but hopefully, your anticipation for the exciting adventure ahead helps ease the wait. We wish you a smooth and comfortable flight to Hong Kong, and can't wait to hear about your experiences upon arrival. Safe travels
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