Sunday, May 11

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By Kate:

Hello friends and family,

Amidst the rain and smog, so far we have all been finding Shanghai to be an amazing and exciting city. Much to our amusement, we have discovered that the natives feel the same way towards us. Before leaving for this trip, Dong-hai and Jacci had warned Casey and I that we would be an instant hit because of her being blonde, and me being a red-head. They were absolutely correct! Today our group visited the Pearl Tower in Pudong province and found ourselves to be the targets of their many cameras. I now have a fonder appreciation for the lives that zoo animals live in their display cages... Nevertheless, we all thoroughly enjoyed our moments as celebrities today. With every line we waited in we were gleefully beckoned to join people for their keep-sake photos of a random westerner. I kid you not, Casey and I probably posed for about 75+ pictures that were not our own. It was a fun and memorable experience, but I am now most certainly content to never be a celebrity.

Later in the day we made our way to the People's Park to discover yet another culture-shocking scene. As we walked through the rainy sea of people in search of a dry place to rest, we had to weave through a maze of umbrellas situated on the ground serving as a bulletin board for a small handmade poster. Once we found a dry overhang to duck under, Dr. Chen informed the group that we were witnessing a "meeting corner," where parents (mostly mothers) post their adult children's basic information on these mini posters and circulate through all of the umbrellas to find a suitable date for their children. Arranged marriages may have grown extinct in this culture, but arranged dating is apparently a popular and accepted practice. Parents, we kindly ask that you do not get any ideas from this story...

To close off the day we made our way to a cozy yet large church in the city where we able to worship in spirit, though lacking the language, together with the Chinese church. It was a perfectly cultured end to a wonderfully culture-shocking day. I am looking forward to our future experiences during our last days in Shanghai.

 We wish all of our mothers a Happy Mother's Day, and send our love to everyone else as well. Thank you for your continuing prayers!




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