Concordia International School in Pudong

Wednesday May 11

Today we went to Concordia International School in Pudong. This school had students enrolled from all over the world. The students came from places like Australia, Canada, the United States, and more. The school taught students from preschool through twelfth grade and provided classes with a diverse range that will give the students a well rounded education. The building was beautiful and would surpass a lot of the preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools in the US. The faculty there were all so friendly and their passion and love for what they did was evident. The couple that invited us, who we met at Thanksgiving church on Sunday, were great hosts and made us feel more than welcome at Concordia! As I type we are at TJ's waiting for Dr. Chen and some of our group to come back from exchanging money to work with the girls to perform skits! We will have to work together, despite our language barrier, to play out a story and perform in front of everyone. When we are done we will see if they can guess what is being performed. Before dinner time we will head to the train station and at about 9:15 tonight and will be on our way to Beijing! It will be an experience that I have never been apart of before and I am so excited! Today has been good so far and I expect it to continue! Only 8 days to go! It has gone by so fast, and I look forward to what is to come! Goodbye for now!



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  2. You wrote an excellent blog post. We can relate to it as USCA Academy is a private international school offering programs for elementary school, middle school, high school levels and university level preparation programs. Our school also offers the night school and credit courses programs.

  3. It sounds like you had a fantastic day at Concordia International School! The description of the school environment paints a vivid picture of its diverse student body, dedicated faculty, and impressive facilities. It's heartwarming to hear how the couple who hosted you created a welcoming atmosphere.

    The prospect of working together with the girls to perform skits despite the language barrier sounds like an exciting challenge that will foster creativity and collaboration. It will be interesting to see how you overcome the communication gap and express yourselves through storytelling.

    Your enthusiasm for the upcoming trip to Beijing is contagious! It's wonderful that you are approaching this experience with an open mind and excitement for new discoveries.

    We understand that the time has flown by, and we're just as excited as you to hear more about your upcoming adventures in Beijing and how this trip is impacting you. Enjoy these remaining days, and safe travels! We eagerly await your future updates
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