Faster Than a Speeding Bullet (Train)

Greetings from Hong Kong!  We have been going straight out since we left the States, with our only “down” time mostly taken up in travel.  It’s amazing to think about all that we have packed into these last eleven days.  We have had opportunities to talk to adolescents in an intensive drug and alcohol center, held babies and young children in an orphanage for abandoned and terminally ill children, spent time with mentally and physically disabled children in a workshop, seen the beauty of Zhangjiajie, and – most recently – returned to Hong Kong on a bullet train traveling upwards of 300 kph.  We are back at High Rock.  Tonight we will have dinner and some free time, and then we have a service project tomorrow.  Those of us who were sick with fevers and sore throats are much better, and no one else seems to have gotten ill.  One of us will provide a more detailed update later on, but, for now, please know that we are safe and well. 

Blessings to you all,

Dr. E. and the China Team


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