Anticipating a 36 hour day

Yesterday was our last full day in Hong Kong, spent at a beach with Dave and Cindy AuFrance.  Afterwards we had a massive amount of pizza at their house, and then found our way back to High Rock on our own.

Today will be a 36 hour day due to the 12 hour time zone change.  We plan to get dim sum on the way to the airport before our 14-15 hour flight to Toronto, then on to Cleveland.  This will be a LONG day!!!

We are leaving with fond memories of Hong Kong and China, with new friends made and lessons learned about other cultures, our own culture, ourselves, and what God is doing in our lives and in the world.  Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

The 2012 Hong Kong Team


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  19. What an incredible journey in Hong Kong! From beach days with Dave and Cindy to a pizza feast, it's clear you've built lasting memories. A 36-hour day may be challenging, but the anticipation of dim sum, a long flight, and reflections on cultural lessons make it an adventure. Safe travels, and welcome back with a heart full of fond memories and newfound perspectives! Registro Central Violencia Doméstica Nueva Jersey | Domestic Violence Central Registry New Jersey

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