Subways, trams, ferries, and drug rehab

Today was another l-0-n-g day; hot, humid, and eye opening.  We started out at 7:15 by taking four subways to two ferries to a remote island where there is an adolescent drug and alcohol rehab program.  We were accompanied by Jonathan, an HK native who moved to Australia; he was a delightful and comedic companion.  The conditions at the center were primitive, but the program boasts the lowest recidivism rate in HK.  We toured the facilities and interacted with a few of the students, most of whom spend two or more years there.  They sang for us in English and Chinese (the later at our request), and we entertained questions from each other about rehab, cultural differences, and a variety of other topics.  (Among other things, we learned that Chinese people think that Americans have a rather distinctive odor.)  After we said our farewells, we took a ferry back to an island that has a shopping district, fresh seafood (still swimming fresh off the boats), and food vendors.  From there we took another ferry and a tram to a restaurant that Jonathan picked out for us.  He ordered dinner (including an 8 vegetable soup that had very interesting black tree fungus in it), and he told us an interesting story about how God has worked in his life this last year.  He developed a serious disease that left him paralyzed as it progressed, which led to his becoming a Christian.  He is now mostly recovered due to a correct diagnosis of his condition and surgical and medical interventions.  We then took another tram and four subways back to High Rock.  We're now packing for our trip to China tomorrow.  We aren't sure when we'll have Internet access again, so if you don't see anything for a week, no worries!

Dr. E. and the China Team


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