Our Temporary "Home" at High Rock Christian Centre

After nearly 15 hours of flying from Toronto to Hong Kong, we have arrived!! Cindy Aufrance, a Malone grad and one of our hosts in Hong Kong, met us at the airport and brought us to High Rock, where we will be staying while in Hong Kong.  She shared some of the great work that she and her husband are doing here in Hong Kong.  Howard Robinson of MMM-HK met up with us at High Rock.  We are tired, but happy


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  19. Congratulations on arriving safely in Hong Kong! It's great to hear that Cindy welcomed you and shared her work with you. It must be heartwarming to connect with a fellow Malone graduate in such a different environment.

    We can only imagine the fatigue after such a long flight, but it's wonderful that you're filled with happiness and ready to begin your journey. We look forward to hearing more about your experiences with Cindy and Howard, and the incredible work you'll be doing in Hong Kong. Wishing you all the best for a restful night and an exciting week ahead
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  20. Malone Service Learning in China provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the country's vibrant culture and history. Participants live and work in local communities, experiencing daily life in a way that goes beyond the typical tourist perspective. This cultural immersion is complemented by academic coursework that covers topics such as Chinese language, history, and social issues, providing a comprehensive understanding of the context in which they are serving.
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