A "Short" Walk in Hong Kong

Today started out with a few rain drops, but quickly turned for the better with sunshine and an extreme dose of humidity. Well, honestly we could have done without the humidity, but the rest of the day was well worth the heat. We traveled across Hong Kong to visit an organization called Christian Action, and what an experience  it was for everyone. Christian Action works with refugees, asylum seekers, and torture victims who have fled to Hong Kong to assist them in the process of applying for resettlement along with daily necessities in the meantime. In this case meantime can, in many cases, be six or seven years. We also were able to visit different sites and resources available to refugees based out of the Chungking Mansions, which was eye opening to say the least.

During our short time in Hong Kong we have come to learn that Hong Kongers can walk quite a ways, and also travel at very fast paces. If someone from Hong Kong says that the walk will be "short", it is best to assume the walk will be more like a "long" walk. On top of all the life changing learning that is already taking place on this trip, we all are getting in much better shape!

This city is like no other, and already I say confidently that I would not trade my experience here for anything.                                                                 -Ben Adams


Ben Adams


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  10. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Hong Kong! It sounds like you had an eye-opening and impactful visit to Christian Action. Your insights into the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers are valuable and shed light on important issues. Also, it's interesting to hear about the walking culture in Hong Kong – definitely something to keep in mind for future visits! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. And if you ever need Commercial Awnings New Jersey don't hesitate to reach out!

  11. Ben, your description of today's visit to Christian Action is truly inspiring. It's evident that you and your team are deeply moved by their important work with refugees, asylum seekers, and torture victims. Their dedication to supporting these individuals in their resettlement journey is commendable.

    We appreciate your honesty about the challenging humidity, but it's clear that the experience at Christian Action and the opportunity to learn about the resources available through Chungking Mansions outweighed the discomfort.

    Your observation about the Hong Kong walking pace made us chuckle! It's a valuable cultural insight and a reminder to embrace the unique aspects of new places.

    It's wonderful to hear how much you're already enjoying your trip and learning from your experiences. We commend you and your team for your dedication to personal growth and cultural understanding. Keep sharing your insights and safe travels
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