A Day in the City

Today we had quite the adventure!  We started out by visiting United Christian College and OMS.  It was interesting to hear about the history and the future of these two great places.  We made two new friends named Kato and Tony, both Chinese professors at the school who gave us a lesson in Chinese. They showed us a few common characters and then wrote out all of our names in Chinese characters.  We got to see the College's library and explore a little bit.  After our visit we headed to eat lunch at an awesome restaurant!  We ate family style and the food was amazing!!  We ordered a dish of eggs and tomatoes in honor of Celia King :) along with some other great dishes.  Cindy then took us to visit some community centers that are affiliated with Hong Kong Evangelical Church.  It was incredible to see how efficient they are!  They have two community centers and one big kitchen all within a 15 minute walk.  As a social work major, I was especially impressed with the fact that in one year's time they provede over 68,000 hours of service!   I really enjoyed getting to chat with Cherie, a young lady who works at the center.  We also got to see some primary school kids come through and they were so precious!!  After our visit, we headed to a bridge and hiked up to the overlook.  It was an amazing view!  Then to top off the night we ate dinner and stopped to get my favorite treat...frozen yogurt! :)

We had a great day and are starting to bond quite well.  We are having an amazing time and appreciate all the prayers that are being lifted up for us!


see you later!





  1. Praying for all of you daily and soo excited things are going well. Enjoy and God bless!!!!

  2. That is so amazing! So happy for you and what God is doing! Blessings sent your way!

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