2012 Tentative Itinerary

Here is our tentative itinerary:

22 May   Departure US/ Travel

23 May   Arrival HK Settle in; Dinner; Shop for breakfast food

24 May   Orientation, OMS/HKEC ministries -family centre; seminary, secondary school + NT tour/bridge

25 May   Briefing and service project, Christian Action Humanitarian Services- Asylum seeker/refugees

26 May   Service project and briefing at Christian Zheng Sheng Association: Allman Chan -teen drug rehab

27 May   - Check out hotel.  Church. Statue Square - China orientation & travel

28 May   China

29 May   China

30 May   China

31 May   China

1 June     Return from China.  Free evening?

2 June     Service project and briefing at Crossroads

3 June    - Lead worship and message at River Grace ICF.  Interviews? - domestic  helpers mainland scholar

4 June     options: Jade Market, Aberdeen, Stanley beach/market, Peak

5 June     Departure and debriefing


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